Chris Jammall – Storyboard Director

Christopher Chandler Jammal is the full name his mother calls him when she’s mad at him, but boy have times changed. Now her favorite son is a Storyboard Director!! Some of his projects include Nickelodeon’s The Wonder Pets! and Team Umi Zoomi, Disney’s Chuggington and Tarzan (on Broadway), SYFY’s Eureka and PBS’s The Electric Company and Word World. Look for his new Show, Peg + Cat coming Fall 2013 on PBS. He says it’s going to be PAWesome!

Chris has also written on shows for Nickelodeon and PBS. Animated Music Videos for They Might Be Giants and has created Apps for kids. His side Job as a stand up comedian isn’t really for kids, but trust me, he’s really not that funny. Hey wait a minute, who’s writing this? Oh it’s me, Christopher Chandler Jammal!!!!