Melia & Jo

Amelia Earhart was a fearless flyer in the early days of aviation. Josephine Baker was a singer/dancer/comedian with a wild imagination. These women broke barriers a hundred years ago, and have been inspiring others to follow their dreams ever since.

And they inspired us to create Melia and Jo, a pair of 5-year-old best friends, who’re the stars of our animated STEAM show for young kids.

Melia’s a techno-geek tomboy. Loves assembling junk she’s collected, twisting it around ‘til it moves, clicks, or flies. She’s rational, logical, loves order. Wears an aviator’s cap.

Jo’s wild and playful. Singing! Dancing! Constantly! Has off-the-wall ideas that prove to be brilliant. And a sharp sense of style; puts a paper plate on her head and it’s a beret!

In every episode of MELIA AND JO these brainy girls meet in Melia’s back yard lab to create something cool. Something kids can make at home!

Melia & Jo Books